Corporate Identity Design

Corporate identity is the general name given to all of the behaviors of an institution both inside and outside the company, and the ways in which the institution represents itself.

  • Logo Design

It is one of the most effective methods of communication. Logo design is important to be different from its competitors. The logo is designed to stand out in the sector and make a difference.

  • Logo Female – Male Forms

Creative logo designs that are created by using empty spaces in the design, that is, using female space, are a unique method to clarify the meaning of the log or to provide retention in mind.

The female (negative) area is the space area other than the basic elements of a design. These areas are often the inspiration for creative designers in logo designs or poster designs. The field tooth technique, which can be applied easily in almost every logo, not only attracts attention in mind and gives an idea about the company.

  • Terms of Use

For the reasons mentioned above, if you want to get a successful logo design work, you should be so successful in choosing the font and typography design that will accompany it. There will also be a logo to represent the brand or project during its existence.

If your brand is not a globally recognized and well-known brand, you will not use your logo design in a simple way. Therefore, the font designs that you prepare or use for your existing logo design must be in visual harmony with the logo. Today, we can see that globally institutionalized and popular brands have left their writing designs in their logos over time.

  • Font Usage

Fonts that we use in digital and physical environments are called fonts. the fonts; logos, posters, brochures, catalogs, social media sharing, blogs, e-books, magazines, newspapers, web sites and many other online and offline areas are needed.

With the help of a font, we can make the word look different, interesting, memorable and creative.

  • Font Usage

It is well known that many designers need ideas and answers about this terminology in logo design and font selection. What are the main rules to be followed? When designing the font anatomy, we have been searching for what is based on and what is paid attention to.

In addition to successful logo designs, the brand name that accompanies it always consists of equally well-designed font or typography designs.

  • Corporate Color

In order for logo design to be successful, the colors used in the design must be made correctly. Remember that all of the colors we use have a meaning, they taste in their hands the power to associate emotions with people. At the same time, the color or colors you have chosen will include your corporate identity communication and visual standards.

As the logo will be integrated with the brand, we can see that these colors are identical with the colors in the companies that complete the branding process and provide continuous use.

  • Business Card

Business cards are small and creative cards prepared to introduce themselves and individuals. In other words, a business card is an element of corporate identity with identifying information. Exchange of business cards as a form of corporate behavior is a requirement of corporate culture. In addition, thanks to the information contained in the business card, communication is still sustainable.

  • Diplomats Envelope

Diplomat envelope is a standard type of envelope that companies can use in almost every field. As an integral part of corporate identity studies, diplomat envelopes are the products that best reflect your company. Diplomat envelope is one of the most used products in companies with high traffic; diplomat envelopes can be used in many fields such as in-house correspondence, invoice dispatches, payments made and written documents sent out of the company.

  • Letterhead

Letterhead means company-specific correspondence ğu titled ğu, with company logos, contact information and designs specific to survey paper. Of course, we call this a survey paper instead of a title paper, and now we have given a specific meaning to our language.

Each company prepares questionnaires to contribute to its unique and corporate identity and uses it in all correspondence. However, there are some points to be considered while preparing the questionnaire paper and letterhead designs should be made according to a certain psychology perception. Surveyed papers designed for companies have certain design features. Stylish, plain and well-surveyed papers reflecting the corporate identity of the company as well as the identity of the company and its place in the corporate world should be determined.

  • Pocket Folder

In today’s competitive business world, companies follow many ways to promote themselves. Advertising to various locations may be an example of this, as well as the use of letterhead in company correspondence or promotional products provided by the company. Pocketed files, like letterhead, are also practical products that help companies to promote their products. Pocketed files are basically designed for companies to use when bidding on their customers or making business presentations.

The pocket file, which is also used as a presentation tool, is the means by which companies can submit their offers in a unique way and forward their bulletins or company catalogs to the relevant places.

As the name suggests, these files have special pocket compartments. These pocket compartments are designed according to the personal requirements of the companies. Companies can place various company documents in these compartments as well as the company’s business card or promotional CD. This makes it easier for customers to access the person after reviewing the file.

Accounting Documents

  • Invoice

What is an invoice? It is a commercial document issued to the customer by the merchant who sells or sells the commodity to show the amount owed by the customer in return for the goods sold and the work performed.

Information required on the invoice:

  • Invoice phrase,
  • Date of issue of invoice, serial and order number,
  • The Ministry of Finance or the notary public seal,
  • Name of the invoice issuer, trade name, business address, tax office and account number,
  • Buyer’s name, trade name, address, tax office and account number,
  • Type, quantity, unit price and amount of goods and services,
  • Delivery date and delivery note of the goods sold,
  • Stamp and signature.
  • Waybill Invoice

Waybill is a document issued by replacing the invoice and delivery note. The arrangement of the invoice and shipment note separately increases the taxpayer’s workload and causes disruption of its activities.

Information that should be on invoice with dispatch note:

  • Waybill bill,
  • Certification of the Ministry of Finance cliché or notary public,
  • Name, trade name, business address, tax office and account number of the dispatcher,
  • Type, quantity, price and amount of goods and services,
  • Where and to whom the goods are sent; customer’s name, trade name, address, tax office and account number,
  • Serial and several serial numbers of the dispatch note,
  • Date and time of issuance invoice,
  • Signature of the issuing invoice.
  • Shipment

The subject, unit and the document of the goods that are sold or about to be sold, transported from one address to another or transported between the workplaces of the same enterprise and the document on which the goods belong is called shipment.

  • Receipt

Document showing receipt of money or something else was received. Receipts must be approved by a notary public or printed by officially contracted printers in order to become official.

  • Corporate Identity Booklet

All forms of representing a company are called Corporate Identity. It is a booklet that contains the rules of using the visual elements of the brand in corporate identity.

  • E-Mail Design

E-mail marketing, which has become one of the biggest marketing tools in the internet world, is now the most accurate and short-lived way to enable companies to reach their target audiences. In today’s world where the importance of online marketing is gaining incredible value, e-bulletins and e-mail designs are gaining value every day.

PTT and PDF Presentation Designs

The presentation of a specific subject in a sequential and orderly manner through the introduction, development, and conclusion sections of pictures, graphics, text, sound and images is called. Projector, computer, overhead projector, etc. for presenting the presentation to the classroom or a community. various technologies are utilized. The programs used to prepare presentations on the computer are called presentation programs. Powerpoint is a presentation preparation program.

  • Staff Clothes Design

They are special clothes designed for your employees, who are the faces of your company, for your company and in accordance with your direction. It is prepared to reflect your corporate identity. A good working outfit imbues image and confidence.

  • Promotional Materials

It is an effective promotional tool that companies use to promote themselves and market their products to potential customers. Today, many products can be offered as promotional. In the developing and expanding world of advertising, promotional products for companies have become indispensable.

  • Vehicle Wraps

Vehicle wraps; is the application of advertising on vehicles. Vehicle wraps; also called on-vehicle advertising, vehicle coating, car wrapping. Vehicle wraps; It is made with adhesive PVC called Cast Foil. The thickness of this adhesive PVC Cast Foil is 0.05 mm.

  • Building Facade

Exterior systems have emerged with technological, cultural and social developments and the change in aesthetic understanding. It can be defined as the environmental loads acting on the curtain wall and the vertical building shell which does not carry any structural load other than its own weight.


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