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Social Media Ad Management

Social Media is today’s most common communication tool. Now people are creating groups, organizing events and sharing special memories through social media. In this way, many people can be reached easily in a short time. But what can businesses do in this environment? How can you make your brand popular through social media?

Many businesses are selling more than their showroom stores through social media. When we want to examine this, we can find many reasons. The most important point to be considered here is how to use social media efficiently and to interpret the data in the best way.
Our Social Media team has developed many techniques to make your business the most recognizable in social media and shares these experiences with all customers. Firmajans has achieved many positive negative results by managing many ad accounts. While positive results are a source of pride, negatives have added to the experience. These experiences add value to all the solutions we will offer.
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Advantages of Working with Partners

Our experts achieved successful results by running successful campaigns on Facebook.
Meet our experience by taking the first right step!

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Most of the world is using social media and spending time here. Facebook is the most preferred social platform that is at the top of social media. We also prefer Facebook as a social media market. As a result of our efforts, Facebook was the most reputable social media platform with sales and marketing focus.

Another advantage of Social Media is that it is cheaper than other advertising channels. In Facebook ads, you can choose 2 different invoices – both impressions and clicks. The average click of a Facebook ad is 0.10 cents. Of course, this ratio varies according to the competition of the sector and instant offers.

Why Us?

Thanks to our SMS system, you will receive an informative message after many transactions. In this way, you can easily follow your service.

Our AdWords experts analyze reports on your ad accounts and report on a weekly basis. You can easily review the reports presented in a simple and understandable way.

Get technical support every day for 7 days. Find instant solutions to the technical problems you experience with our non-telephone ticket system during working hours.

Have a meeting with your Google AdWords expert representative to take a closer look at your ad account. Get more efficient results in conversations.

Do not tell anyone about your problem when you want to know about your service. Just reach out to your dedicated AdWords advertising representative to identify yourself.

We do not use any tool panels when managing your ad accounts. You can manage your account by logging in at

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