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Firmajans Digital Media Ads Information and Organization Trade.Co.Ltd.

Firmajans Digital Ads. Information. and Organization Trade.Co.Ltd. was established in 2013 and serving as a Google Partner in digital media and advertising.

As a digital media and advertising agency, we serve as the world’s largest search engine for you to get the best locations in the world of digital marketing and also with Google, which has the best brand identity. We are working on Google AdWords (Ads) platform, which is Google’s advertising marketing field with our expert staff.

Google AdWords (Ads)

We care about your companies' competitiveness in digital marketing and we are working on Google AdWords (Ads), Google's advertising marketing platform, which is the world's best and most widely used search engine for you to be at the top of this competitive environment.

Web Design & Software

In today's competitive environment, a company without a website cannot be considered. In order to obtain the highest quality of the website, which is the most important requirement of your company, we work with our specialized web designers in accordance with the strategies that best fit your areas of activity.

What Kind of Web Sites Are We Designing?


We are planning the most appropriate keywords and strategic studies for your company to rank high on search engines.

Corporate Identity

We keep corporate identity works (logo, business card, catalog, etc.) which are the mirror of a company above all works and we create your company identity.

Social Media

We follow all kinds of developments with an actual operating principle and we always keep your presence on social media up to date.

Our Mission

As Firmajans employees, we always serve our customers and partner agencies in a transparent, honest, reliable and trustful manner. With this belief we are developing ourselves every day and we are renewing ourselves to provide better service.

Our team of experts is constantly developing technology that combines extraordinary experiences and creative ideas to produce extraordinary results. With the advantages of the digital brand, they help to establish sustainable meaningful relationships with customers and partner agencies.

Our Vission

As an internet advertising agency that offers Google services, our biggest vision is to maximize our service quality by making our business environment most livable. Because we know that human beings can always produce new things when they are peaceful. Firmajans as it attaches great importance to this issue and we are moving with confident steps towards becoming Turkey’s first 3 internet advertising agency.

Why Us?

  • We increase the target market with small budgets
  • AdWords work is done by expert Google AdWords certified consultants.
  • You can receive 7/24 information about your ads and you will be informed at certain intervals.
  • Receive notifications via email, SMS and GSM; you will be informed about the status of your account without asking.
  • You can obtain all kinds of detailed information from our experts such as the direction in which the studies are carried out and what the results will bring.
  • We certainly do not use any panels other than Google AdWords MM. Therefore, the figures taken and given are always clear.
  • You can keep your ads under control on the Google AdWords panel page 24/7 with the username and password you choose.
  • We create a difference with original designs while preserving the values ​​of your brand
  • Your designs are designed by our expert team members.
  • In line with the briefs given in the design, designs are designed to meet your expectations.
  • After the receipts are received, demo work is prepared within the specified working day.
  • Specific work is carried out to match your brand and corporate identity.
  • In our designs, vector is worked to ensure that your logo is suitable for every screen.
  • Your web site designs are designed to be responsive according to your preference, allowing access from your desktop, tablet and mobile.
  • In the banner and mailing activities, creative designs are prepared to attract the attention of your target audience.
  • Increase your recognition by moving your brand to social media
  • Your social media is managed by our expert colleagues.
  • Official accounts are created for you on social media and your brand’s management is supported through these pages.
  • Creating target audiences, communicating with them, announcements about your brand are made in this area.
  • All your advertising work on social media is managed from this field.
  • You can get all kinds of detailed information about the way in which the advertising works are carried out and what the results will bring about from our experts.
  • Your ads are displayed in different ways to achieve the best rate of return.
  • You are one step ahead of your competitors and reach
  • Our SEO work is done by expert SEO consultants.
  • We provide weekly reports.
  • We will refund your money if we fail to fulfill our commitment to the keywords specified in our contract.
  • You can get all kinds of detailed information from our experts, such as the level of the studies carried out and what might happen after they are realized.
  • All edits are presented to you as a report and you have information from each update.
  • You can contact us via Technical Support without the need for the phone to get instant information or support.
  • Your rankings are sent to your mobile phone and e-mail at regular intervals, so you will always be aware of the status of your website.

Our Team

Digital Marketing Manager
Google Ads Team Leader
Web Developer
Finance Department Manager
İsmail ÇOBAN
İsmail ÇOBAN
Google Ads Account Manager
Web Project Officer

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