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    The Secret of Our Success

    Transparent Management
    Transparent Management
    Your Google AdWords ad account is not managed through any tool panel. You can view all of your data at any time via Google’s own panel.
    Expert Staff
    Expert Staff
    All of our agents have an AdWords Specialization Certificate. Your AdWords account is always managed and tracked by experts.
    Analytical Thinking
    Analytical Thinking
    Anyone can advertise to Google, but it's important to analyze the data correctly. With our analytical thinking structure, your ads are most efficiently published.
    Customer Communication
    Customer Communication
    Time is very important. Communicate with your expert representative who is assigned to you 7 days a week via e-mail and telephone in uninterrupted way.

    Why Google AdWords?

    Suitable For Every Budget
    You can set your budget for Google ads. By spending on a daily basis, you have the right to advertise with 50 TL or 5000 TL.
    Pay As You Click
    Don't pay any fees when your ads show. You're billed only when visitors click on your ads.
    Interest And Demography
    You determine your ads according to the age, gender, and interests of the person or people, and you'll only show ads to your potential customers.
    Time Control
    Because your ads are live on the days and times you want, you don't waste your budget and get more productive customer experience.
    Location Targeting
    You can reach the right customer base by introducing countries, regions, cities, districts or even narrower areas to promote your products or services.
    Detailed Reporting
    Since all data in your ad campaign can be reported and analyzed, you can easily guide your advertising and marketing strategies.

    Google Ads Models

    Search Network Ads

    Almost everyone makes research on the Internet before getting a product or service. Rather, they visit sites that rank high in the search results. For this reason, it is more advantageous for the advertisers to take place in the top positions. It’s good to be on top. Remember advertising is everything.

    Display Ads Network

    People want to buy the product they can touch. Seeing the world of the Internet is equivalent to touching in real life. Companies that support their products or services visually on more than 2 million websites increase their brand awareness.

    Our ancestors did not say in vain: One does not need a guide when the village is in sight.

    Mobile App Ads

    Mobile Application Ads are among the most interactive advertising models currently used by many corporate companies.

    With mobile app ads, you can quickly access many users by promoting your application. Using the advertising model according to the operating systems iOS, Android and Windows has effective results.


    The Remarketing advertising model is a model of ad exposure on other websites after a user has left your site on your website. For example, a visitor visited your site to buy shoes but left without much time. You can show ads to this visitor again on social media sites, news sites, forums and many other Google Ad Network member websites.

    Shopping Ads (Merchant)

    Shopping Ads, otherwise known as product ads, is an ad model that displays information about products and services uploaded to the Google database and displayed on Google Shopping and other Google services. In this ad model, you will get more attention than other advertising models by showing the title of your product or service, your store name and product price.

    Youtube Ads

    As it is understood from its name, it is the advertising model published on Youtube.com and Mobile application platform. Although the advertising budget of YouTube is cost effective, you can promote your product and service by reaching your target audience directly by user demographics filter.

    google reklam

    Google Advertising Agency

    Adwords Agency

    Google AdWords is the ad system that enables more users to recognize your products or services. AdWords helps you target new audiences on Google. With the AdWords Agency, you can customize, edit, and adjust your ads until you get the results you want. You can view various ad formats, and even target specific languages and geographic locations in your ads.

    Adwords Advertising Service

    Working with Google digital agency is the fastest way to grow your business. AdWords firms who are a Google partner and one of the Google-authorized AdWords companies, provides professional AdWords advertising services.

    Google Adwords Prices

    Google AdWords is now used by thousands of companies to gain new customers in a cost-effective manner. AdWords keywords accurately target web users who are searching for information about a particular product or service, and will show exactly what they want. Because Google AdWords ads are based on pricing based on Cost-Per-Click (CPC), advertisers only pay when their ads are clicked. Google AdWords prices vary according to keywords and competition. You can contact us to get detailed information about AdWords advertising prices.

    24/7 Internet Advertising Specialist

    You can increase your advertising conversion rates and sales by working with our company, Google advertising specialist, who will value your brand as you like, to work towards focusing on achieving the highest performance, to produce solutions that fit your needs, to increase your brand awareness, to develop your brand awareness, to digital marketing trends and strategies. We provide 24/7 support with our experienced team who is an internet advertising specialist.

    Google AdWords Ads

    Google Ads, is a great opportunity for the world of marketing that Google provides as the world’s most widely used search engine and the best brand in the world. Google Ads has the world’s largest search engine platform feature and it offers the most important gain in digital marketing with an innovative insight.

    Google Advertising Costs

    Google provides the most important material convenience to those who want to advertise as the world’s best and most used search engine. Cost-per-click Google Ads allows each firm to determine its own budget.

    Advantages of Google Ads

    No matter what sector it is today, it is necessary to present itself in the digital environment for the existence of brand identity and to reach its target. In fact, some companies are now only present in the digital environment.

    Thanks to Google Ads, the best digital marketing platform in the world, Google is adding great benefits to the companies.

    The most important of these are:

    • It is the most used search engine and offers the biggest target audience.
    • Provides the best analysis and reporting due to the innovative insights and data.
    • Google offers to the advertiser the ability to freely address the advertisements by leaving their feeds to their own controls.

    Google Partner Advertising Agency

    Google is today the world’s most widely used digital platform. The secret to this success is its always innovative and disciplined work. Google is more than just a search engine, it is the best friend in the business world and social world. Providing the fastest access to the most accurate information, Google is the pioneer of this field, that is, the digital marketing through its work in the advertising marketing world and the methods it has developed.

    As Google Partner Advertising Agency, Firmajans, which is a part of Google’s advertising marketing platform, provides Google Ads as a part of the organization, and it is the most appropriate strategies to sustain your company in the digital marketing world, increase your company profitability and create a big market for you. We are realizing these with our staff.

    We are always at your service as a Google Partner Digital Advertising Agency to win in every aspect of marketing and branding.

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